Friday, August 21, 2020

QCE Update 8/21/20


Facebook, Blog, Zoom, etc.

Hello Quilters! I’ve missed you all so much. It seems like forever since we’ve been together at Churchill for a regular, in person meeting.  It also looks like it will be a while longer until we can be physically together. To help us all keep in touch while we wait, we are and will continue to take advantage of whatever we can on the Internet. To aid in that social distancing requirement, most meetings will be held online. For your viewing pleasure, all guild members are invited to join our Guild Facebook page (if you have not already) at

Facebook also allows us to have albums where we can post pictures of our latest quilts and other projects. I have created albums where any member can upload, and albums for our 'special interest' groups such as Creative Quilters and the recent results of the Progressive Quilters as well as past meetings and monthly Show N Tell.

Also available on FB are files of various forms and documents such as the membership application form:

If you are not already a FB member, please send a request through the FB site so I can “admit” you to our private QCE page. There are several albums on our FB site where you can add photos of your latest quilts – you might want to use a ‘stamp’ or ‘label’ on your photo if you prefer not to post anything other than your photo.  For those who are concerned, you can view once you are admitted, but there is no obligation to post comments or photos. Also, if you don’t want to use your ‘work name’ you can let me know via text or email of your “QCE ID” which can be a slightly miss-spelled version of your name, or a totally fictitious name of your choosing, such as the “kwlt kween” id that my sons gave me many years ago.

Thanks for being a guild member, and please renew so you can take advantage of all the innovations that will be happening as we move into our electronic future, however long this situation lasts.

Here is one of my quilts waiting on the "to be quilted" line:


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