Monday, June 7, 2021

Picnic Time

Our annual June Potluck was a "July Picnic - BYOF" this year.

We met up at 5:30PM on Monday July 19th at Beulah Church in Churchill for our first "in person" full guild event since the onset of the Pandemic. Members provided their own food - not for sharing, like we usually do - just enough for one.  The Guild provided beverages (bottled water) and a cupcakes for dessert.

The first order or business was to install our new officers as President - Adrienne Hunter and Secretary - Tonya Nardi. Of course I did not get pictures.  Sorry!

The next order of business was to present out outgoing President Lynn Koza with the gift quilt that so many of our members had gratefully contributed blocks. Organized by Vice President Sally Martin, Thea McCurry (yours truly) had designed the quilt not knowing how many participants might contribute, and Jian Li had very helpfully assembled and finished the quilt.  Lynn really seemed surprised and appreciative! 

We proceeded to share some of the member's "Pandemic Projects" from the past year. Below are some of these projects - some without explanations as I am getting more forgetful these days.

Some of the many "Shimmer" quilts from a recent ZOOM workshop lead the way.

A lovely hand quilting project by our incoming President was very impressive!

An intrigue of log cabins from Karen Luce!

Ruth Ann Ritter finished several small projects!

A masterpiece from Marlene Finoglietto!

Sally Martin shared a sampler from another recent ZOOM workshop!

National Quilt Museum 2021 Block of the Month interpretations by Thea McCurry. 

Our next meeting will - hopefully - be in September. We will probably wear Covid masks, so bring one just in case. 

If you are a guild member who can remember something I forgot to include (such as the names of the workshop presenters) please add the info in the comments below.